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light art

On borders of art and design, reflecting on our perception of light.

seeing light is

a key feature to

the understanding of art

On borders of art and design reflecting on our perception of light.

The way we look at things can differ related to various light settings. The perception of light in a scene can be manipulated and transformed by using a variety of tools and techniques. Light in general has always been my major inspiration and symbolizes illumination and wisdom to me.


At work i explore the boundaries of the undetermined and unexpected. Interacting with light is a metaphor to the intangible and unpredictable of our nature and existence.



'Versatile' expresses levels of transparency and translucence. Those key features  recently reflect in my newest works. Changing the context and manipulating the material's parameter is an ongoing process throughout work and inspiration.


The design incorporates a series of lights made of double layered acrylic glass sheets. The three different colored glass sheets are composed to a whole and glued together in form of a circle. The lamp is powered by a neon flex led on a 24V PSU.


human nature type 'all'

The Human Nature type 'All' was first exhibited at the interior design week 'Passagen' in Cologne, currently exhibited at Kunstuitleen Rotterdam. It is the first of three in this series of lights.

Recycled steel frames formed the initial idea to this piece, intending to transform the material into something new.

Re-use and recycling of high quality material is more important than ever and a key feature towards a better future.


The exact colour of light is the key. Only the combination of a blue translucent and a light grey transparent acrylic glass creates the atmospheric deep blue appearance.


human nature 

type 'one'

‘Human Nature’ incorporates the basic shapes of square and circle. The former is a constructed component, the latter expresses unity and endlessness. The two materials, steel and acrylic glass, share few qualities. They differ formally and typologically, but they complement each other and create an exciting dynamic. 

The Human Nature type 'One' is now available for pre-ordering.



The Bambuslampe incorporates two basic components of Indonesian bamboo and handblown glass. The frosted glass becomes an integral part of the design fitting seamlessly into the bamboo tree.

All the lamps are completed in the studio. The length can be customized with a choice of three different diameters. Finishing avaliable in natural or vintage look.

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