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Trained as interior architect, Stefan Leuchter (Aachen, '85) is living and working in Rotterdam since 2017. He designs objects, interiors and installations in the studio while Computer Aided Design (CAD) and craftmenship come together and guide the design process.


On the borders of art and design, experimenting with light, technology and architecture, the work can be considered as an implementation of new concepts and perspectives on questions in an ever changing society. Subsequently researching, he adresses importance to the use of sustainable solutions and the significance of the motive to the whole. At the same time, upgrading and recycling of material is a key feature to investigate aesthetics and interests of modern society.

The studio's belief is to create your own opportunities. Group shows and self-promotion are important to build a profile, networks and relationships. Engaging in the art world works by exploring opportunities as display, presentation and containment.


Certosa Initiative, Milano Design Week, IT (2022)

Gallerie Freitag 18:30, Aachen, DE (2020)

Kunstuitleen Rotterdam, Museumnacht, NL (2020)

Passagen Interior Design Week, Cologne, DE (2020)

Passagen Interior Design Week, Cologne, DE (2019)

Human Nature 'All' Kunstuitleen Rotterdam (2020)


GLOW, colaboration with Atelier Sänger

Galerie Freitag 18:30, Aachen (2020)



Passagen Interior Design Week, Cologne (2019)


working together

By sharing physical spaces we can appeal to various audiences and experiment together with gallerists or other artists. Doing so means sharing ideas and innovate together. The audience, the art director and the collector are passionate about the same thing.

Passagen Interior Design Week, Cologne, DE (2019)

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