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a series of light art reflecting on architecture, light in space and mother nature.

'one for all-

all for one'

The human nature series shows three different kinds of lighting objects. The first ('all') is made out of six steel frames covered by double layered acrylic glass. The second is made out of four frames ('for') and the last one with just a single frame ('one'). The metaphor is that nature is there for everyone, as everyone is there for nature. To me, creating consciousness and finding new ways is the key to our future.


'human nature one': about purity and transparency

The ‘Human nature one’ incorporates the basic shapes of square and circle. The former is a constructed component, the latter expresses unity and endlessness. The two materials, steel and acrylic glass, share few qualities. They differ formally and typologically, but they complement each other and create an exciting dynamic. 


the 'for':

under construction

The modular design of these many-sided acrylics offers endless possibilities to an exciting process full of surprises. The 'human nature' type 'for' will show a linear array of lights side by side.


the 'all'

The human nature type 'all' was first exhibited at the interior design week 'passagen' in Cologne and is the first of three in the series.

Recycled steel frames formed the initial idea to this piece. Intending to transform the material into something new I experimented with a range of techniques. Reuse and recycling of high quality material is more important than ever and becomes an important guideline throughout the design process. The exact colour of light is essential to this piece. Only the combination of a blue translucent and a light grey transparent acrylic glass creates the atmospheric deep blue appearance.



a dynamic


A controller is programmed as a random delay in sequence. The sequence’s algorithm is a metaphor for the intangible and unpredictable nature of existence. Everytime the light from the installation turns on in a random order.

Interacting with the installation is a joyfull experience. It is a reflection of confidence and hope for both, the human race and mother nature.

The installation is currently on show at the Kunstuitleen Rotterdam.

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