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Trying to understand the bigger picture with the curiosity of a kid.

"To me, inspiration means to be surprised, to learn, to be open-minded, to appreciate others influence, to be interested, to be able to change, and to inspire others. Inspiration is emotional, disturbing and confusing"

"Travelling is a great source of inspiration. Trying to understand the bigger picture with the curiosity of a kid."

'The journey, not the arrival matters'

- T.S. Elliot

Indonesia 5°01'47.3"S 103°46'21.9"E

Honey Smacks, Krui, IDN


Lake Tekapo, NZ


Oxide design, Sydney, AUS

"Light, space and architecture inspires me at all times. My inspiration comes from using innovative materials and techniques, while paying attention to all the people I work with. I am glad to call this my inspiration."


"In my work I love to experiment with borders on art and the freedom to add some poetic value."


Oxide design, Sydney, AUS


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, CZ

Mario Botta, CH


Donald Schenkel, NL

'The Umbrellas' by Christo and Jeanne Claude, Western USA

"Seeing art, ebracing imagination and observing reality is all about inspiration.

The complexity of art adresses your senses and awards you with the unexpected. Beeing ambitious about understanding and placing art into context is a key feature of my inspiration."


Pool skating, Hasselt, BE


Sabine Marcelis, NL

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