human nature

A series of lights, made from acrylics and steel, with crossing borders on art and design.

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This series of lights are made of double layered acrylic glass. Three different kinds of  colored glass sheets are composed to a whole and glued together in form of a circle.

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This design lamp made from Indonesian bamboo and handblown glass fits right into every corner.

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roos greve

The transformation of a small and vague office to a tranquil practice for

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


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The tenants idea was to start a new restaurant to relax and escape the daily grind, enjoy a green kitchen's food, or just have a coffee while strolling in the uplifting city centre of Rotterdam.

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de ronners

From changing and redefining the space to implementation and realization of a new design for this highly professional studio of graphic designers.


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stefan leuchter

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